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Frame - Tents  Are more of a solid free standing structure that is able to be placed on most surfaces. Frame tents due to there more extensive set uptime tend to be a little more expensive than most Pole Tents. Though they do-not have the center poles in the mid section of the tent they have more structural poles through out the interior of the top of the tent. Frame tents allow you to move freely with out any interferences, They are great for decorating as they have plenty of beams to decorate to your liking. 

                             Tent Sizes

10x10 Wide Frame Tent                40x40 White Frame Tent
15x15 Wide Frame Tent                40x60 White Frame Tent
15x30 Wide Frame Tent                40x80 White Frame Tent
                                                      40x100 White Frame Tent
20x30 White Frame Tent               
20x40 White Frame Tent            
30x30 White Frame Tent               
30x45 White Frame Tent              
30x60 White Frame Tent               
30x75 White Frame Tent

We carry Red & White And
 Blue & White Tent tops in 
the 20x40 sized tents.
20x20 White High Peak Frame
20x20 High Peak Frame with Cathedral Windowed Side Walls
20x20 High Peak Frame
20x40 High Peak Frame
Frame style tent. With lighting.
30x60 Frame tent in Lake Placid NY
30x60 Frame tent with windowed side walls Jan 2018