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Pole - Tents  commonly called tension tents are known for their elegant higher peaks. These attractive looking tents are only able to be erected on a dirt / grass surface. With center poles that come down in the mid sections of the tent which raise the canopy peaks to a slightly higher tent top than a standard frame tent allows. Some people find the poles can be an inconvenience in the placement of tables and such, others find it a joy to decorate. 

                                             Tent Sizes

20x30 White Pole Tent                                  40x40 White Pole Tent
20x40 White Pole Tent                                  40x60 White Pole Tent
​                                                                           40x80 White Pole Tent
30x30 White Pole Tent                                  40x100 White Pole Tent
30x45 White Pole Tent                                  40x120 White Pole Tent
30x60 White Pole Tent                                  40x140 White Pole Tent
30x75 White Pole Tent

We carry Red and White or Blue and White Tent tops for the 20x40 Style Pole Tent

40x60 Pole Tent @ the Chateau in Bolton Landing
40x60 Pole with French windowed sides
40x40 pole
Interior lighting AKA Draped lighting